Sep 27, 2013

Setch dump

I've been trying to find a place to post my schetches and doodles. I figure I could throw somenon here for now.

Jul 23, 2012


I know I'm not the most active blogger, but I have been thinking about re-making old  and making new comic related tutorials and I thought, what better place than here to post them.

I'm working on a few too many projects at the moment, but when I start getting my schedule back into shape I'm going to begin making tutorials.

So what I want to know is what kind of tutorials would people be interested in seeing?
I was planning on a hand lettering tutorial with the Ames guide for starters.
Also a self publishing tutorial/guide...
anything else?
I'm sure art related stuff and script writing?

Let me know!

Apr 18, 2011

Waiting for Paint to dry

I'm waiting for my latest comic page to dry so I can add text and gutters on the computer...
wanna see?
Okay here...

This is the full page, all messy and gross. 

Close up of the two panels I think turned out the bestest

Feb 7, 2011

Ordered new moo cards!

Guruubii and I have just placed an order for 200 minicards from! The  image there is but a small taste of some of my personal cards that will be in it.
The one side is going to have the website and then the other side will be a variety of different images.  With Moo you can have up to 100 different images in each order, so guruu made 50 and I made 50 so we'll get 2 of every one we made each.  I think they are nifty.

Anyway, fun times, I cant wait till they arrive.

Jan 13, 2011

Comic Creator Alliance is live

I'm a little late but theres still time...

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead
Tuesday, January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In honor of the event, I teamed up with the Comic Creator’s Alliance–a group of over 100 comic book creators (both web and print!) who volunteered our artistic talents to raise money and awareness for this cause. You may not know it, but there are currently 27 million enslaved people worldwide- more than double the number of enslaved Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children every year are sold into slavery, most of it sexual. The US Department of
Justice estimates 16,000 victims of human trafficking are brought into the United States every year. Unlike slavery in the 19th century, what is happening today is happening in secret. It won’t end until awareness is raised, and people like you and me take a stand.
So here’s what we did: each creator contributed an original drawing of one of our own female characters, and combined them into a single image! This year's theme was "The Brady Bunch." There is so much going on in this image--you can look at the wallpaper for a long time and still find something new! All of the artists included in the drive are amazing and some of the fan favorites are: Scott Sava (The Dreamland Chronicles), Adam Hughes (Star Wars, Wonder Woman), Sarah Ellerton (Inverloch), Bryan Glass & Victor Santos (Mice Templar), Beau Smith (Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars), Billy Tucci (Shi), Mookie (Dominic Deegan), Crystal Yates (Earthsong), Lora Innes (The Dreamer), Thom Zahler (Love and Capes), and Alison Action (Bear Nuts). View the full listing of contributors here:
Donate today to download this unique, once-in-a-lifetime wallpaper. Or, this year you can buy a print! The Donations Drive will last for two weeks, from January 11th – 24th. All proceeds will be split evenly between Love 146 and Gracehaven House- two organizations working on rehabilitation of victims and prev
ention of this crime.
To learn more about the CCA and to donate visit To learn more about the problem, visit (Note: contains adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery.)
Here is a small preview of the wallpaper

Jan 1, 2011

First arts of 2011

I got my new National Geographic for February and there was a neat cave photo in there, so I decided to do a loose watercolour of it. I need to warm up, because I havent been making art for a couple weeks and I need to get back in the groove to get Daqueran pages going again but I'm having trouble. I was a lovely cave, with rain pouring downa dn mist, with rocks and moss .. anyway, my versions pretty abstract, but I was just foolin.

Watercolours and Iridescent medium on Bamboo paper

Happy New year everyone.

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